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Worker’s Compensation

What are Workplace Injuries?

Injuries at the workplace range from minor cuts or bruises which are non-fatal to injuries such as severe fractures or trauma that can be fatal. Injuries can occur due to slips, repetitive motion, hazards from machinery, falling from a height, burns, or any kind of violent act.

Causes of Workplace Injuries

Although there is no shortage of ways people can injure themselves at work, most work-related injuries are a direct result of:

  • Poorly setup workplaces
  • Lack of safety education among staff
  • Fatigue due to lack of breaks
  • Stress (tight work schedule or time pressure)
  • Employee or employer negligence
  • Hazardous materials
  • Dangerous machinery
  • Poor lighting
  • Workplace violence

Worker’s Compensation

Workers' compensation or work comp is an insurance for those who are injured or become ill due to their job or work environment. It provides cash benefits and/or medical care and is paid by the employer after a verification process.

Dr. John Eggers provides assistance with workers’ compensation. He has extensive experience with diagnosing and treating work-related injuries and focus on getting injured employees back to work as quickly as possible.

Work comp by Dr. John Eggers involves the evaluation and treatment of work-related injuries, keeping the referring physician, employer, insurer, and case manager apprised of the treatment plan and progress.

The goals of our work comp program include:

  • Reduce and/or eliminate pain for the injured employee
  • Increase range of motion
  • Return to previous levels of activity and functionality
  • Improve physical and emotional wellness
  • Return to work quickly and effectively

If your pain is work-related, call us now for an appointment and we will ensure a smooth and efficient process for compensation.

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